What The Sam Hill Goat Farm

Raising DNA Verified 100% New Zealand Kiko Goats

                   "BONNIE'S LITTLE RUNNER"

Pictured here in Nov/2008

with her new twins

Ada & Akeelah

Sired by

'Sam's Thunder Road'  






"Bonnie's Little Runner"

DNA Verified, 100 % New Zealand Kiko

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                                               A Few Of Our Does










                         TRIPLET'S, BELOW & CENTER, Left to Right


                                            BORN ON 11/23/2009 

      Sired by Sam's Troy & Bonnie's Little Runner (looking on in the background)





           "SAM'S ADA"&"SAM'S AKEELAH"

                     (Right)               &                   (Center)                

                         PICTURED BELOW WITH THEIR MOTHER,

                                 "BONNIE'S LITTLE RUNNER" Left                              




                                            "SAM'S TAFFY" 

                      Daughter of "Sam's Troy & Bonnie's Little Runner"

                 Pictured with one of her little kid's, ABLE, January, 2011         




                         "BONNIE'S LITTLE RUNNER"

                                          With Her Son ~ January, 2011