What The Sam Hill Goat Farm

Raising DNA Verified 100% New Zealand Kiko Goats

The reason we need 'and love' our Livestock Gaurd Dogs, Jesse & Annie!! 

  Sam and our dog Jesse, with coyotee Sam trapped!




Our Great Pyrenees 











Jesse's as good as they get....

  Not to mention just plain good-  lookin!!













      It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it!












       Above, Jesse watching over 'his family'!


ANNIE below

She's a Pyrenees, Anatolian & Maremma cross. A great LGD and a super sweet part of the family!


       Jessie &Annie's 2nd litter of pups below!

 It's hard to imagine that these sweet little darlings can grow up and break bad on a coyotee, or any other predator that's thinking about having goat for dinner!











 Jesse took to guarding the goats from the time he was a pup!











"Okay Jesse...

 who's guarding who?"