What The Sam Hill Goat Farm

Raising DNA Verified 100% New Zealand Kiko Goats

                   Our New Crop of 2015 Kid's










                Some of the 2012 crop of kids




            We might only be 3 months old but, It's On!"




                              Gray Cloud

     Son of Bonnie's Little Runner & Thunder Road born 4/24/12 



                                Sooner Joe                                                

   Son of Bonnie's Little Runner & Thunder Road- Born 4/24/12



        Son of Taffy & Thunder Road - Born 4/7/12


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                              Bo Jangles

          Son of Brooke & Thunder Road - Born 4/6/2012




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                          Daughter of Ada & Troy - Born 4/11/2012



        Daughter of Tiffani & Thunder Road - Born 4/6/2012 




                Daughter of Akeelah & Troy - Born on 4/17/12  



                               Rose Bud

             Daughter of Akeelah & Troy - Born on 4/17/12



                             Mona Lisa

                   Daughter of Ada & Troy - Born on 4/11/12




       Daughter of Taffy & Thunder Road - Born on 4/7/12


           Below:  Lilly with her mom, Taffy



                     Kid's Are So-o-o Adorable!!!







Ada & Akeelah 

 Aren't they a couple of Cutie-Pie's? 

 100 % New Zealand Kiko Twin Girls~Born on 11/10/08

Dam: 'Bonnie's Little Runner'

Sired by: 'Sam's Thunder Road'












"Oh-h-h . . . Gotta' Stretch It!!


              "My mommy thinks I'm pretty cute!"



                        "Wait for me . . ."






"What is that moving back there . . . Oh! It's my tail!" 




              A Tribute To Our Boer kid's of past!




A Helping Hand!!!

Sam, drying off a newborn on a cold day!         






The warm air from Bonnie's blow-dryer feels good to the two little one's born  during freezing temperatures.